Friday, January 15, 2010

Wow, it's been awhile

I've been incredibly busy with a serious life-style change. I bought a little 50cc Honda Metropolitan scooter. It was fun and I rode the hell out of it, but it just didn't have any power and it REALLY didn't have the cool factor of a vintage Vespa. Not that I could FIND a vintage Vespa, no matter how hard I searched, so I bought the next best thing: a Genuine Stella which is a re-badged LML Star 150 which is a Vespa PX clone. I still have the PT Cruiser, but I rarely drive it as the Stella gets around 80 miles to the gallon.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Such a weird ride

Eighteen years down the road and I'm finding myself drawn to the beginning. I've known passion in the interim, and obviously he has as well. His youngest daughter is like our daughter version 2.0. Yet after all the anger, pain and animosity, he was who I turned to when Mother died and he's been a rock since. And it's odd how comfortable we are with eachother after all the awkwardness of the last six or so years he's been a peripheral part of our life. I wouldn't change the past for anything, but I'm inexplicably happy he's now a part of the present. As for the future? We'll just have to hide and watch ;)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Packing is my new hobby

Mother died a month ago tomorrow and I spent February packing her stuff and dealing with pneumonia, now I'm packing again to take off for New York. Sabrina and I are heading there for a bit of ash-scattering and birthday celebrating. Some find it ironic that the hermit is "getting away from it all" by going to spend a week on the most densely populated island in the US. I'm never more alone than when I'm surrounded by absolute strangers. I think I'll buy a ridiculous "hand bag". This is going to kick some serious ass :)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A stroke is a good thing?

Who would have thought? Mother went in for an MRI Tuesday because she's been having a constant headache for the last couple of weeks and started yarking Tuesday morning. Her oncologist immediately ordered an MRI as she's very concerned the cancer will spread to Mother's brain. Turns out, she's had a stroke. This is 'good' because it's still not cancer. And here I thought she was just stoned from her pain pills. As soon as I can bust out of my office (hopefully in the next hour), I'm heading back up to the hospital to be Mother's memory.

We've been tentatively planning a trip to Australia as a last hoorah, but that's looking less likely every day. Maybe we can do a bit of a fling in the big city of Ada OK. Hey, it starts with an A?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

And it's finally over!

DeYarmett's Unite!
Not that anyone at the reunion actually has that last name anymore, that's how we're all related. My mother's cousin Dee's daughter Debbie came down with her son Dylan. My Mother's cousin Linda was there with her husband, three sons, daughter and daughter-in-law. My cousin Dena's son and daughter were there, Joe with his two sons and girlfriend and Amy with her husband, three daughters and son. My cousin Sharon's three daughters were there, Kim with her three daughters and one of her sons, Kristen with her husband and daughter and Jenny with her husband and one of her sons. Below, are my nephew Billy, my brother Dannie, my mother Betty, me and my daughter Sabrina. I like the way my mother is trying to be shocked by Sabrina's attire.

Monday, August 27, 2007

A few more skeins are knotted

Camilla's mom told me I'm crocheting all wrong. wtf ever. I may not crochet the way everyone else does, but the stuff I finish looks good, so there. As I was working on this, Brina was telling me how very much she doesn't like the colors. As I was about to finish over the weekend, she warned me that it better keep her warm because it's hers :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Something from nothing

Okay, so crocheting is not metal. I finally got tired of the huge (HUGE) bin of yarn in my closet. This is the first of my attempts to get it all out of there. This was actually pretty fun as it consists of 35 different "granny" squares. Unfortunately, I wasn't paying the best of attention when making said "grannies" because they didn't go together as seamlessly as they should have. I've got a fuckload more yarn, so I may just make another. But I'll pay attention to what I'm doing :D